About Us
We are committed to continuous product research and development to create innovative products with offering the highest quality under international standards that has been accepted by both domestic and international customers
We are the skillful manufacturer of confectionery, dried fruit and nuts such as Coconut Chips, Brownie Crisp, Coated Nuts, Dried Fruits, Coconut Flake and Flour. Our products focus on using well selected natural ingredients. We adhere to the production principles that are certified according to international standards which are GMP, GHPs, HACCP and HALAL. Therefore, we are ready to produce OEM, ODM products and our Private Brands for the global market.
Our Factory
New Plant of Million Foods Co.,Ltd.
With a production capacity of more than 1,000 containers per year, we are able to export products to various countries according to customer needs. We have invested in high quality machinery to improve quality and maintain the highest standards to build confidence in our customers all over the world under BRC certification.
Our Products
Matcha Brownie Crisp
Chocolate Brownie Crisp
Mocha Brownie Crisp
Nori Seaweed
Orange Brownie Cube
Chocolate Brownie Cube
Mocha Brownie Cube
Truffle Coconut Coated Cashews
Sour Cream Coconut Coated Cashews
Caramel Coconut Coated Cashews
Honey Flavor
Original Flavor
Thai Tea Brownie Crisp
Matcha Brownie Crisp
Chocolate Brownie Crisp
Mocha Brownie Crisp
Thai Tea Brownie Crisp
Our Clients
“We believe in being Thai.” We believe that the uniqueness of Thai is beautiful, delicate and difficult to imitate.

We aspire to be the carrier of Thai cultural identity by telling stories through delicious products that we have developed to be famous, and we are determined to raise the standard of Thai products and unique ingredients to the global market.
Our Certificates
Million Foods Co.,LTD.Head Office (Factory)45/45 Moo 6 Soi Rungpreecha, Setthakit Road, Thasai, Muangsamutsakhon , Samutsakhon 74000 Thailand
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